How to be a hipster

Hipsters have always been out there, but these days more and more people are joining the ranks of this subculture. If it appeals to you in any way, this guide will show you how to be a hipster in just a few steps, and if you just want to find out more about the whole trend, it will provide you with a fun and satirical way to do so. Oh and don't take it too seriously. Now let's show you how to be a hipster, step-by-step:

Who are hipsters

how to be a hipster: hipster girl Being a hipster is all about freedom of thought, being independant and witty, or at least appearing as such. Hipsters like to perceive themselves as highly intelligent individuals that escape the bonds of the society, reject modern consumerism culture and focus on their own ideas instead. Sometimes, however, this may lead simply to adopting a counterculture lifestyle and becominng the target of hipster jokes. There are some people that consider hipster an evolution of emo, this can be argued, but you could say that hipster is emo with elitism instead of sadness. If you want to know how to be a hipster, first you must come to terms with why are you trying to do it, and, if you're just interested in the fashion, don't try to force indie music on yourself too.

Hipster music

The first thing that defines most subctures is the music. Usually there are 2 or 3 bands that you have to listen to to be a memeber. Well it's not that simple here, as there is no general hipster music. To be a hipster you have to show your own taste in music. And the more excentric and weird that taste is the better.

  • Play an instrument

    Well the best thing you can do is play yourself. How many times have you heard someone singing to a guitar in a cafe? (If the answer is zero then you are hanging out in the wrong places). Just try singing a cover to some of the songs by Feist and you should be ok. If you are a guy, just put on an emotional face while doing it, say that you are just playing for yourself and that you doubt anyone would understand the true meaning of your songs. If you are a hipster girl, the general rule of womankind applies here to: if you look pretty - anything goes, just skip to hipster fashion. Soon you will become the local hipster music spotlight. If you can write your own songs you'll soon be included as an answer to the "What are you listening to?" question asked to one of your hipster friends.

  • Find some indie hipster music

    This is rather a tough one. You can't just copy someone elses taste and go with that, to learn how to be a hipster you must find some bands noone ever heard of. Why? Because it will show how non-conformist you are. Where should you start? Try Pitchfork to get some ideas, select a few indie bands, download them via iTunes and knock yourself out. A lot of people stop here, you'll find out why soon, in one word: there is a reason why indie bands aren't backed up by labels, some of them really suck. There apretty great musicians there too, just keep loking until you find something for your taste. The genre doesn't really matter much, but is usually some garage rock, punk rock, minimalist techno, or most often british rock. Sites like Gorilla vs. Bear, Indiehere should point you to the right direction.

  • Attitude about other bands

    If someone ever mentions a hipster band that you never heard of, and expects you to give an opinion on it, the best thing you can say is "Yeah I've heard some of their songs, but never got into them." After that remember the name of the band, and google it later. If your favorite band ever becomes popular or, even worse, mainstream you should drop it or keep saying something like "I used to like them before they went mainstream, that was good music", etc. Never listen to anything that you see on MTV.

Hipster look

To know how to be a hipster you must learn to look like one. Hipster girls should especially take a note of this. Achieving that hipster look is actually pretty simple. The most basic hipster look consists of: skinny jeans, t-shirt and a shirt over it. Just follow these guidelines:
  • Skinny jeans

    The skinny tight jeans are a must, and may get you confused with an emo. There really isn't much space to be wild here, but fortunatelly these are available in a gazillion of designs. Hipster girls can also try out leggins or some retro high waist jeans.

  • Ironic T-shirts

    Now this is something that should define yourself. There are lots of hipster t-shirt designs available, but they usually fall into one of the 3 categories: funny, vintage, geeky and sarcastic. A great way to find these is visiting sites like Deviantart or RedBubble that allow you to print art done by other users, and there are really some great designs there. You can wear practically anything if you are sarcastic about it, even a Legend of Zelda or Mario t-shirts can pass as being a retro flashback from the old days. Just don't try anything new like Skyrim, because it will just make you a geek. The retro hipster t-shirt consists usually of typography, some grunge colors and maybe a rainbow of a sort or a flourish. Tip: never wear band t-shirts, because the trends change constantly and you will have to change it a lot.

    how to be a hipster: hipster radio how to be a hipster: hipster vinyl tree how to be a hipster: hipster kitty how to be a hipster: hipster zelda t-shirt how to be a hipster: hipster spock how to be a hipster: hipster sponge bob how to be a hipster: hipster stripes how to be a hipster: angry birds t-shirt how to be a hipster: hipster pony how to be a hipster: hipster kitty

  • Hipster glasses

    Hipster glasses include a wide variety of items, so you can both have a perfect vision and look hip. But what if you already have a perfect vision? Well, it doesn't matter, lots of hipster wear glasses with well... just glass. Stupid? Yes, but it does look pretty from a hipster standpoint. If you really don't feel ok with wearing glasses for no reason, wear shades. The signature brand are Ray-Ban's Wayfarers. If you ever get a pair of those, it doesn't matter what you wear besides them, you will be seen as a hipster. If you have enough money just buy them and consider your way to learn how to be a hipster complete.

  • Apple stuff

    Thanks to marketing, pricing and design Apple products have become very popular among hipsters. Actually now it looks like you have to own an iPod to be a hipster. This is because they are not mainstream( really arguable actually) are different, and let you stand out. If you can sing, get published on iTunes, this will really boost your appearance in the group. Remember, your main reason for using apple products is because they are progressive. You have to point out the fact that you have read Steve Jobs biography, admire him as a great inventor and that people still using Windows just don't get it. A word of advice: don't bring any of these arguments among geeks because they will really have good arguments against you, and will make you look like a consumerist that just fell for the marketing. To have a solid point say that I just happened to get a used IPod, I don't really get why people are so over it, the music is better then on other players though. Pay much attention to you wallpaper on a Mac, it should really show your creative side. The best case is if you made it yourself, if not just stick with those included in the default selection, to show that you don't care really.

  • Hipster Clothing

    how to be a hipster: hipster evolution To be a hipster you should wear labeled items, but you shouldn't shop at labeled stores. Tricky eh? Labeled items contribute to the elitist fashion, not buying at labeled stores contributes to non-consumerism. The solution is to buy at second-hand shops or independent retailers. Second-hand stuff can really make you stand out, because you can get a huge wardrobe, wear different things every few days, and if you have a good taste, or just put out an ironic attitude about those, you'll be a star. What you are looking for is something along the lines of gingham, plaid, checkers, vintage florals, some texts with sayings, TV characters, geeky stuff. Its even better if its a bit worn-out by design etc. The best combination for boys seems to be a worn-out T-shirt, gingham shirt and sometimes a light scarf.

  • Mustache

    You can try getting an ironic french style mustache, but you really have to know what you are doing. People WILL point at you on the street. It also requires quite a bit of effort to keep it looking good, so if its your first time having any mustache at all you will probably fail a few times before you learn to keep it in a right shape.

Hipster attitude

Hipsters are notorious for their elitist and sarcastic attitude, so in order to learn how to be a hipster you need to know how to keep the irony running.

  • I liked them before they were cool

    This phrase is the first thing after the glasses that comes to mind when you hear "hipster". It has become so iconic that it is often used to make fun of hipsters. Still it will define you as a hipster in a group you are in. This is usually said about something that most of the group likes, this way you can both admit that you like what others like and keep up the elitist attitude at the same time. "I donated to Haiti... before the disaster." is also used a lot.

  • Name dropping

    One way to generate hipster cred is to move with the time. Always keep track of what is going on in the world. Mentioning new and emerging bands that no one ever heard of will earn you some respect in the community. On the other hand, if you ever hear someone talking about a new band just look them up later on. Same thing applies to tech and games, if you are a bit on the geeky side. There are always some indie games out there, a good place to find them is the AGS website.

  • Insulting stuff

    To be a hipster you have to be a good critic. If you look like you dislike a lot of things this will boost your elitist attitude and perhaps make you look like you are more knowledgeable on the subject. Tread lightly though, because you may have to have some good arguments to support your view. Or you can try this approach from the other side, and express your liking of something that others don't find good at all.

  • "I don't care"

    To know how to be a hipster, you need to look like you don't care about a lot of stuff. To you a world is just a big place controlled by large corporations with people that are all thinking in the same way. Your mission in life is to break free from it and become and individual. That's why you don't care about much that is going on, especially about what people think about you. You may seem narcissistic to some people though.

  • Sarcasm

    Irony and sarcasm is the kernel of the hipster humor. If you want to be a hipster you need to learn to be ironic about everything. This is actually pretty easy once you start doing the "I don't care" attitude. If you are really bad at it, don't worry, you'll get there in time. Its also good to strike a pose while doing this.

Get social

Chances are that you don't have a lot of hipster friends, especially if you live in a small town. This would be a problem a decade ago, but now you can try finding friends online. Facebook is full of people that would share your interests. A good place to find them are pages of your favorite bands and their fan groups. Leave some comments on Pitchforks' youtube channel, get noticed. If you can draw, sing, dance, or are creative in any other way try making your own Youtube videos, or post some artwork to Deviantart. Soon you'll get some friends, maybe even fans. Don't stick to online though, there have to be some activities you can do in real world to. Music festivals, local band performances, art exhibitions, etc. Attend them to find out what suits you best and what you like the most. Most of those independent artists are really close to hipsterism usually. Its also hip to attend rehearsals of some local garage bands, just don't become a fanboy, keep your tastes up to date.

Just for fun

This is just a collection of jokes about hipsters. If you have a good sense of humor you'll probably enjoy some of them. Actually most of them are done by hipsters in a tone of self parody.

Hipster Kitty

Hipster Kitty is an image macro featuring a kitten in a hoodie with a pair of glasses. The macros is typically paired with an ironic saying about hipster lifestyle. The most popular version of Hipster Kitty shows only its head on a yellow and white square. The original inscription was "Well, it doesn’t matter who is better because Hipster Kitty will doubt EVERYONE’S indie cred.".

hipster kitty likes justin bieber hipster kitty: i was a christian b.c. hipster kitty complains about a band hipster kitty hates facebook hipster kitty donated to haiti hipster kitty uses ipad hipster kitty licks itself hipster kitty and a lightbulb hipster kitty likes snape hipster kitty and angry birds

Hipster Ariel

Hipster Ariel is used in a same way as the Hipster Kitty. It kicked off as a facebook profile picture and then got posted to tumblr, from where it quickly spread across Reddit, MemeBase and MemeGenerator. The popularity of Hipster Ariel soon caused spin-offs to be created, where other disney characters were photoshoped with raybans.

hipster ariel wears legs ironically hipster ariel judges people hipster ariel thrift shop hipster ariel: my father owns pitchfork hipster ariel under sea hipster ariel got legs to wear jeggins everybody has legs like hipster ariel hipster ariel: marinas trench is too deep for you hipster ariel: water is everywhere hipster ariel doesn't want to be apart of your world

Rage Comics

There lots of rage comics associated with hipsters and you can find a lot of those at

This is it.. for now

This completes our small guide on how to be a hipster... for now. This site is updated frequently, so make sure you come back for more.